CO2RE Intima Treatment

Vaginal Rejuvenation with the CO2RE® Intima can be the easiest, simplest answer to women’s worst confidence-destroying personal problems including incontinence, painful, uncomfortable, or even impossible sex, dryness, laxity, loss of tone, and discoloration. All of these problems can result from childbirth, trauma, menopause, loss of hormones and inability to take hormone replacement due to some types of cancer.

The treatment is quick – less than five minutes – painless for internal and relatively pain free for external, perfect for ALL women and includes a series of three, spaced a month apart with results seen after only ONE treatment by most!

Unlike other vaginal rejuvenation devices, the CO2RE uses a Carbon Dioxide laser and radio frequency to achieve a remodeling of old tissue and new formation of collagen and elastic fibers. It has the ability to treat superficial AND deep skin simultaneously.

After the three treatments, you can expect to need a treatment every year for maintenance. Patients at NNP are raving about the treatment and we have seen a 100% response rate.

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